A simple goal to start a new school year

Today I welcome a new crop of students to my class for the 11th year.  While I am not tasked with teaching any classes that are brand new to me this year, I will be teaching a senior class that I have not taught in a few years.  I look forward to meeting my new students and helping them understand the English language and their place in this great big world.

I’ve never been one for real formal goal setting, but I generally have goals as I head into each new school year.  I have two major goals that stand from year to year:

  1. To remember that I have a beautiful family at home that I enjoy being with, so it is imperative that I find the time for them.
  2. To constantly build strong relationships with my students by remembering that relationships must come first.

My tangible goal for this year is actually quite simple: to use twitter and my PLN more fully.  The amount of material and ideas that I can gain from twitter is incredible.  It is my goal this year to harness that power and bring those ideas more fully into my classroom.  I also want to engage more fully on twitter, especially through the #celebratemonday hashtag.  This is a great way to promote positivity in education, and I hope to remember to do it every Monday.  Finding positives to tweet about will not only make me happier, but also has potential that reaches way beyond just me.

Its a super clear goal that I believe can be super impactful.